Who should fill this form?

 A founder/co-founder or someone at the leadership level, depending on the hierarchy in the organizational structure thought of by the applicant.

Does my organization already be generating revenue or profits?


Is further job creation a necessary pre-requisite?


Is women ownership of the business a necessity?

Yes. The business or the start-up needs to be owned or at least co-owned by a woman. Not only this, a woman must be in a decision-making/leadership role in the working of the organization.

Does my business idea need to be specific to a certain sector?

No. All sorts of businesses, catering all and any client markets and end consumers are encouraged to apply.

What traits should my business idea should ideally possess?

An ideal business idea should be innovative, knowledge driven. We would prefer, but not limit ourselves to, ideas that are generally thought of as ‘non-traditional’ for women.

Is there a specific area my business needs to be owned from?

The business needs to be registered in the province of Punjab. If the owner(s) are not residents of Lahore, they need to ensure the availability of one of member of their team and the requisite funds to ensure their expenses are met and the program is completed.