About WIN

Women Innovation Network is one of Pakistan’s premier Women Economic Incubator, and an initiative by the Punjab Commission on the Status for Women (PCSW). It is a part of the aspiring vision of the Punjab Government and a part of Punjab Growth Strategy 2018. The aim of the incubator is to facilitate and support women entrepreneurs and start-ups and model best practices so that other public and private sector entities are encouraged to support and initiate similar incubators across Punjab and in other provinces.

Our Objectives

  • Women entrepreneurship drive – We support the notion of “she means business” and strongly believe that women can transform the narrative of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Thus, we aim to generate quality employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Creation of support ecosystem- One of our goal is to create a community and a vibrant network of people/institutes/mentors to create a visionary ecosystem that contributes to the sustainability of our entrepreneurial landscape.


About PCSW

Punjab Commission on the Status of Women is a statutory institution of the Government of Punjab, established in 2014 to promote the empowerment of women and the eradication of discrimination against them.


The Commission has undertaken multiple measures to achieve its mandate, including setting up a dedicated 24/7 Women’s Helpline (1043); a Women’s Employment Centre; a Women’s Business Incubator; a unique Gender Management Information System (gmis.gop.pk) assessing status of women; annual Punjab Gender Parity Reports (since 2016); and; monitoring the situation of women through district monitoring mechanisms and in-depth researches (pcsw.punjab.gov.pk).


What makes us different

We believe in empowering women with ethical consciousness and that is what makes us different from our contemporaries. We aspire to not only assist ethically driven businesses but also to provide our women entrepreneurs, services and support that has a solid ethical footing.

We entail strong values in our incubator’s persona: